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Corrosion Engineering

Vinsi Partners have developed specialist engineering competencies in corrosion and asset control of the built environment. Corrosion and degradation of structures is a multi-billion dollar cost to economies. We value add to our clients through planning and developing consulting engineering services to increase the life cycle of structures and buildings under predictable maintenance conditions at optimum costs.

We understand the value of infrastructure and associated assets and therefore ensure that only appropriately trained and skilled engineers undertake any assessment or condition survey. We have on-staff post-graduate qualified corrosion engineers who have skilled our structural/civil engineers on relevant corrosion aspects. This enables heightened client confidence together with the understanding that Vinsi staff have an intimate knowledge of existing construction methods, rectification methodologies, proprietary systems and specialist products. We have also researched and published on various aspects of the investigation, repair, and maintenance of structures and buildings.

Vinsi Partners strive for continual improvement with a track record of delivering quality engineering advice on projects. We have a collaborative and proactive approach and an understanding of closely working with key stakeholders throughout all phases of a commission.

Vinsi Partners takes great pride in the knowledge that our engineering advice is independent without any conflict of interest associated with the supply of materials, equipment or laboratory testing services.

The Vinsi Advantage

  • Increase the life cycle of structures and buildings.
  • Reduced life cycle costs.
  • Reduced overall maintenance and repair costs.
  • Establish predictable maintenance actions & costs.
  • Minimise down-time during maintenance.
  • Improve the quality of structure maintenance.
  • Initiate accountable maintenance management.
  • Develop responsive maintenance techniques.

Vinsi Corrosion Services

Risk Assessment

  • Structural risk assessment.
  • Structural audits.
  • Condition audits.
  • Structural checks and evaluations.
  • Expert inspection.

Condition Surveys

  • Desktop assessment and review.
  • Expert inspection of defects and deterioration.
  • Diagnostic testing, non-destructive testing and sampling (various materials).
  • Coordination of laboratory testing.
  • Structural assessment.
  • Deterioration prediction and modelling.
  • Specialist monitoring.

Forensic Engineering

  • Expert inspection and testing.
  • Legal and forensic reporting.

Remedial Works

  • Remedial options assessment.
  • Material and coating selections.
  • Cathodic protection/prevention design.
  • Specification provision.
  • Contract document input.
  • Tender review assistance.
  • Superintendence and contract management support.
  • Technical support.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Schedule and plan development.
  • Inspection and monitoring advice.
  • Specialist monitoring equipment considerations.
  • Cathodic protection system monitoring.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting.